> Nerd Nite North Bay #4: Crime Scene Evidence, the Magic of Stem Cells, and Biology… in… Spaaaaace!

Nerd Nite North Bay #4: Crime Scene Evidence, the Magic of Stem Cells, and Biology… in… Spaaaaace!

Join Nerd Nite North Bay’s expert speakers for our February show on Crime Scene Evidence, the Magic of Stem Cells, and Biology… in… Spaaaaace!  

Three Nerdy Talks. Fresh Beer. $5 tickets can be purchased HERE!  

Door at 7PM, Show at 7:30PM.

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CSI SVU TV (Can’t Science Instantly, Still Very Unsure: Television!)

Find a blood spot.  Make a wisecrack. Go to the lab. Conclusively confirm the culprit. Prison! If you’ve ever watched Forensic Files or the three dozen CSI shows, you probably wondered if the DNA analysis presented on TV is accurate.  Find out the truth as we take a trip into a forensic lab, find out how analysis of crime scene DNA evidence works, and see if it really all fits into a tidy 42 minutes every. single. week.

Brian Harmon has more than a decade of experience in forensic DNA analysis in his work for private labs, human rights projects and the government. He also provides training to forensic scientists from around the world.  Ask him for a Tiki Bar recommendation near you.


Payloads, Poop, Sex and Beer: The Challenges of Life in Space

Understanding how life exists and functions in the space environment has been a necessity since the beginning of space travel.   Biology in space remains a frontier to be conquered by scientists, medical doctors, and science fiction writers alike. Learn about exciting current projects by The Space Biosciences Division at NASA Ames Research Center (ARC) that strive to bring life into space and apply what is learned to life here on Earth.

Sarah D. Mitchell works on space flight payload projects as part of the Space Biosciences Division at ARC in Mountain View, CA. She is currently working on the Bioculture System, a cell incubator system that will fly to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the SpaceX Dragon capsule in late 2015. She “hails” from Michigan and is really looking forward to watching Jim Harbaugh take the Wolverines to the top next season.


A Walk Through the Stem Cellar: Sampling the Many Different Flavors and Vintages of Stem Cells.

Take a tour of the Stem Cellar with the Buck Institute for Research on Aging as your guide!  Stem cell breakthroughs lead to a better understanding of cancer and to the development of therapies for Parkinson’s disease.  Julie will take you through an exploration of the different types of stem cells, along with the myths and misconceptions of stem cell research.

Dr. Julie Mangada is the Education Outreach Coordinator for the Buck Institute and a local girl originally from Petaluma.  The stress of medical school and motherhood drove Julie to an addiction with roller derby, and her involvement with local leagues taught her the importance of role models for our youth.   Happy to finally be back home in Northern CA, Julie is passionate about bringing research out of the lab and into the communities where she grew up, usually while wearing skates and elbow pads.


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