> Nerd Nite North Bay #10: Sexy Copyright, Aikido, and Open Data

Nerd Nite North Bay #10: Sexy Copyright, Aikido, and Open Data

Join Nerd Nite North Bay‘s expert speakers for our August 4th show on explaining copyright using sexy times films, the art of Aikido, and the open data revolution!

Three Nerdy Talks. Fresh Beer. Just $5.

Door at 7PM, Show at 7:30PM. Note food IS available at the venue!

$5 Tickets available HERE! 

Corrected NerdNite NB Poster - August Lineup

The C Word: Copyright and Sex in Public (Domain)

Come one, come all to Nerd Nite’s NSFW explanation of copyright! Learn about the purpose of fair use in copyright law, enjoy a five-some of naughty and sexy cases that explain how fair use works in the real world, and clear your browser history.
Lila Bailey is an Internet law attorney whose practice supports clients who democratize access to information, community, and creativity by harnessing technology. Her mission is to help institutions and innovators resolve unique challenges at the forefront of technology law and policy, and to be an advocate for end-users. Lila also teaches The Fundamentals of Internet Law at Berkeley Law.

Giving In to Get Your Way: The Art of Aikido

You want to come at me bro? WHOOSH! Face meets floor! Aikido, the Japanese martial art synthesizing martial studies and philosophy, is unique in its redirection of an opponent’s attack–turning an attacker’s own aggression against him. A fourth degree black belt Dojo Cho talks about the five principles of Aikido, reaching for enlightenment, the sword and the spirit, and learning by falling down. Extra bonus points for a live sword demonstration!
Brian Scott sensei has been a practitioner of the martial art of Aikido for 25 years, and holds a rank of Yan dan (4th degree black belt). Additionally he holds black belts in Koei Kan karate do, and the instructor rank of Jiho in Japanese swordsmanship thru the International Shinkendo Federation. Brian is Dojo Cho (President) of Aikido of Tamalpais in Corte Madera. Brian sensei teaches weekly classes and travels to teach at seminars, including teaching annually in Kumamoto Japan.

All Your Data Are Belong to Us: The Open Government Data Revolution

The open data movement has found firm footing in the Bay Area as local governments have opened their data stores and hungry activists create apps and tools to help their local communities. Learn how Code for America’s local Brigades tackle the challenge of using public data for the public good and remix information about hiking trails, parking spots, crime statistics, and more to make your community a better place.
Ivan Silva is a Brigade Captain in Code for Marin and a public librarian in Tiburon. Originally from the Cape Verde Islands, he’s interested in makerspaces, web development, water sports and whodunnit books.

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