Nerd Nite North Bay #1: October 7th @ 7

Welcome to Nerd Nite North Bay! The co-bosses of NNNB, Scott Weitze and Sarah Houghton, welcome you to the newest member of the Nerd Nite family. We’ll be starting with our first event on Tuesday, October 7th.

Three Nerdy talks, fresh beer, $5!

Events are the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm at the Hopmonk Tavern in Novato.

Sign up on the right side of this page to get on the Nerd Nite North Bay mailing list.  We’re giving FREE BEER to a member of the mailing list at every event!

Think Novato’s too far away for you to go? Bah! It’s 15 minutes from Petaluma and San Rafael, 25 minutes from Sonoma, 35 minutes from Oakland, 40 minutes from Napa, and only 45 minutes from SF’s Mission district (and let’s be real, anything other than the Mission is 45 minutes from the Mission).

What makes it worth the drive?

  1. Hopmonk’s excellent selection of local micro-brews, including Baeltane, Lost Coast, North Coast, Magnolia, Moonlight, and Hopmonk’s own label
  2. A venue with ample seating and a dedicated bar for us nerds
  3. A fabulous food menu, including lots to match any dietary preference
  4. Free and plentiful parking
  5. Oh yes! And three top-of-the-line short talks from the Bay Area’s brightest about all things nerdy!

As with other Nerd Nites across the world (there are currently 82), the format of the night will be: drinking + three 25 minute talks on diverse topics of nerdery + drinking. Did we mention drinking?

Join us and make history at our FIRST EVER Nerd Nite North Bay event!

Tuesday, October 7th

Doors at 7:00pm / Show at 7:30pm

Hopmonk Tavern, 224 Vintage Way, Novato

$5, ages 21 and up

Tickets available soon!

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