> Nerd Nite North Bay #15: Sex Trivia, Mite Sex, Dragonflies

Nerd Nite North Bay #15: Sex Trivia, Mite Sex, Dragonflies

Join Nerd Nite North Bay’s expert speakers for our Tuesday February 2nd Show on The Sex Lives of Mites, Dragonfly Evolution and Play Nerd Nite Sex Trivia!

Two Nerdy Talks. Trivia and Prizes. Fresh Beer. Tickets just $5!


RSVP to the event at www.facebook.com/events/455916417933661/

Door at 7PM, Show at 7:30PM. Note seating and food ARE available at the venue.

NerdNite NB Poster - February Lineup

Play Nerd Nite Sex Trivia
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pregame Valentine’s Day with hot questions on everyone’s favorite topic! Warm up the cold winter night and come out for Nerd Nite, where we guarantee multiples! (Prizes)

Mite-y Sexy

The Scandalous Sex Lives of Mites

There are more species of mites than anything else on earth, and almost as many weird ways that they have sex. Some male mites carry immature females until they grown up and are ready to mate, while certain females mate once and carry the sperm for their whole lives, impregnating themselves at any time. Hear these and more Barely Safe For Nerd Nite sex stories about the mighty mite!

Jane Ishka is the author of The Year of the Mite and a biotechnology professional living in Berkeley. Her technical writing supports approval of new medical products. Her first book The Year of the Mite chronicles a year-long infestation of her home and skin by the parasite Dermanyssus gallinae. Visit Jane at www.yearofthemite.com

Tough the Magic Dragon

Sex and the Amazing Survival of Earth’s Oldest Insect

From Peru to Fiji to California, Chris Beatty has explored the past and present of dragonflies. Get a quick paced review (guaranteed not to drag on) of the 325 million year long fossil record of dragonflies and find out what has made this extraordinarily persistent species so successful. Also learn about a dragonfly native to California that may be one of the oldest species still in existence.

Chris Beatty is an Evolutionary Ecologist who works on dragonflies throughout the world. When not slogging through streams and bogs with an insect net he calls the Bay Area home, where he lives with his wonderful wife Katie, a fellow insect nerd.


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