> Nerd Nite 19: Presidential Trivia, The Real Internet, and Novato History!

Nerd Nite 19: Presidential Trivia, The Real Internet, and Novato History!

Join Nerd Nite North Bay’s expert speakers for our Tuesday June 7th Show on Delivering the Internet, Novato History, and PLAY NERD NITE PRESIDENTIAL TRIVIA for prizes!

Two Nerdy Talks. Trivia with Prizes. Fresh Beer. Just $5!
Doors at 7PM, Show at 7:30PM. Note food and seating IS available at the venue.

$5 tix available HERE!

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NerdNite NB Poster - June Lineup

World Wide WHOA:
How The Internet Actually Gets To Your Door

Learn about the history of telecommunication from the original string-on-a-can to today’s modern internet and not so modern internet.

How do Internet Service Providers (ISPs) really work?

Behold the fast moving consequences of high fiber for your internet life!

Nathan Patrick is Chief Technical Officer at Sonic, with a focus on revolutionary Internet products including building the first Gigabit Fiber infrastructure in the US. He graduated from UC-Santa Barbara, lives in Santa Rosa, and his father is a proud numismatist.

A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings In Novato
Historical Events That Shaped Modern Novato

Learn how Novato changed from America’s largest apple orchard into a modern 50,000 person community.

See how obscure historical events can leave permanent traces on a modern city with excellent before and after pictures of Novato architecture.

Think about the broad lessons that the evolution of cities from formerly small towns can provide, and how best to manage that transition.

Susan Magnone is the President of the Novato Historical Guild. Her work with the Guild includes overseeing the volunteer staff and maintaining over 2,300 important historical objects at the Novato History Museum and Hamilton Air Field History Museum.

Play Presidential Trivia with Nerd Nite
All the Presidents, Man! History of the Presidency in 44 Questions.

With forty four fast paced and occasionally ridiculous trivia questions, learn about the complete history of the American Presidency!

Answer questions about the heaviest President and the skinniest (list of accomplishments), about the shortest (term) and the longest (election), and impress friends with your knowledge of the obscure and the most Mount Rushmore-ian.

Valuable prizes, valuable knowledge, and zero political fliers in your mailbox. Play Presidential Trivia with Nerd Nite North Bay on Tuesday night!

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