> Nerd Nite North Bay #3: Comics Make Students Really Quite Smart, Faces For Votes Is A Really Good Start, Musty Books In Libraries Are Just A Small Part

Nerd Nite North Bay #3: Comics Make Students Really Quite Smart, Faces For Votes Is A Really Good Start, Musty Books In Libraries Are Just A Small Part

Tuesday, December 2 – 7pm

Hopmonk Tavern (224 Vintage Way, Novato)

Get a bigger brain and drink beer with smart people at Nerd Nite North Bay!

Just $5 for tickets at http://www.hopmonk.com/novato/music-and-events/events-detail/?event_id=451174

Nerd Nite North Bay’s third event looks at different forms of art and information in the modern world. From political fliers that grab your attention with a finely calibrated mix of faces to the use of modern technology in libraries to comics that push an agenda beyond BIFF and BAM, the science and POWer of well-made art can be more Wonderful than any Woman and more Super than any Man. It’s a Marvel!

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Three Nerdy Talks, Fresh Beer, just $5. Doors at 7PM, Show at 7:30PM.


The Secret Truth About Modern Libraries by NNNB co-boss Sarah Houghton

So secret we’re afraid the Feds might shut us down.  All I can say is modern libr[POST REDACTED BY ORDER OF US GOVERNMENT]

Sarah Houghton is the Director of the San Rafael Public Library, co-boss of Nerd Nite North Bay, Author of librarianinblack.net and is probably kidding about being silenced by the US Government UNLESS THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO THINK.


“Why College Students Need to Read More Comics” by John Bultena

Academic studies of comics is nothing new, but the usage of them for pedagogical purposes at the university is still emerging. In an increasingly visual society, find out how a freshman composition writing class that emphasizes comics can help students in computer science, engineering, psychology, and many other fields of study by taking time to understand visual argumentation. Look at what it means to be an academic while amidst a rapidly changing fan base. Because basically comics is still largely an old boys club and can be dumb.

John Bultena is a lecturer in the Merritt Writing Program at the University of California, Merced. His background includes Masters degrees in Philosophy and Literature and Library and Information Sciences. He has played Dungeons & Dragons religiously since he was nine and listens to a lot of heavy metal.


“Vote for ME: How Political Ads Use Faces to Grab your $$ and Votes (and have been for a very long time)” by Candice Dayoan

Modern campaigns use science! We’ll explore the history and evolution of the political ad, how new technology has changed political art, and how and why very specific faces will always be used in this niche art form that pummels your mailbox every even year.

Candice Dayoan is the Creative Director at 50+1 Strategies, a San Francisco-based political consulting firm working to support (who she thinks are) the right people for the job. Her campaign logos can be seen all over California, and her company has a 100% win-rate for elections in San Francisco. Candice taught Political Graphic Design at Netroots and might be the only person to have the exact same fangirl reaction when she met President Obama and George Lucas.

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